As casino-goers know, there’s much more to a casino than a gaming floor. Whether it’s a luxurious hotel, cutting-edge technology, event and entertainment spaces or delicious restaurants, casinos are uniquely equipped to offer guests more than just a game of chance. They’re also the ideal venues for events and group business. And yet, attracting these groups requires more than just a good marketing strategy.

Unlike recent films such as Oceans 11, which glamorize Vegas by showing nothing but opulence, neon signs and gamblers playing cards and slots, Casino digs deeper into the city’s history with organized crime, revealing its darker side and how it’s evolved over the years. This is Scorsese’s most violent movie, featuring a torture-by-vice sequence with a popped eyeball and a brutally edited baseball bat beating, but he uses these scenes not for style or shock value but rather to faithfully portray the reality of the mafia’s grip on Las Vegas.

Consumers trust each other far more than they trust brands, which is why word of mouth and recommendations from friends are so important. This is why your casino should promote positive reviews and testimonials from happy visitors. Display these on your website and social media. You should also use search engine optimization to optimize your content around the things that make you unique, so that future visitors can find you online. And consider implementing location-based marketing strategies like Cvent’s Competitive Ads to boost discoverability among planners in similar markets, helping you earn more event and group business.